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Dhaulagiri Expedition

Every other person has a dream of climbing at least one mountain in their lifetime and guess whose dream comes true. Those who have a real passion for reaching the top and making it real. Yes, right, and here we are making your dream come to reality. Mt. Dhaulagiri is at the sixth elevation in Nepal and stands as the seventh-highest peak in the world with its height of 8,167m above sea level. In other words, Dhaulagiri is derived from the word “Dhawala and Giri” which means “White Mountain”.

Day one starts with your arrival in Kathmandu. The next day with some briefing about the journey you are about to make. Our actual expedition starts with the flight to Pokhara and drives to Darbang. The driving ends over there and here you are ready for your hiking from Khani Besi.  trekking in off-tracks is truly refreshing. It feels good to breathe fresh air away from the polluting cities. You need to acclimatize after reaching the Italy base camp. On the trail, you will witness the Rocky Mountains and the diverse species of flora and fauna.

It takes 11 days for us to get to the Dhaulagiri base camp. The climbing and returning period of base camp to the summit is 23 days. For alteration of view, there will be different returning routes from Hitan Valley via French pass through Yak Kharka. And finally, trek down to beautiful Jomsom Valley. We will make sure to make your journey more adventurous and memorable.

Day 01. Arrival to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel after check in free (1310m)
Day 02. After Breakfast Preparation for expedition and briefing for expedition and overnight in hotel.
Day 03. Flight to Pokhara and drive to Darbang and overnight in Camping (1600m)
Day 04. Trek to Khani Besi  and overnight in tent. (1860m)
Day 05. Trek to Baggar and overnight in tent (2100m)
Day 06. Trek to Dovan and overnight in tent (2450m)
Day 07. Trek to Salla Ghari and overnight in tent (3100m)
Day 08. Trek to Italy base camp and overnight in tent (3650m)
Day 09. Acclimatize and rest. Overnight in tent Camp(4650m)
Day 10. Trek to Japanese basecamp and overnight in tent (4200m)
Day 11. Trek to Dhaulagiri basecamp (4700m)
Day 12 to Day 35 Climbing Period from basecamp to Summit 8167m and basecamp.
Day 36. Cleaning up basecamp.
Day 37. Trek to Hitan Valley Via French Pass and overnight in tent.
Day 38. Trek back to Yak Kharka  and overnight in tent.
Day 39. Trek down to Jomsom and overnight in guest house.
Day 40. Fly back to Pokhara and overnight in hotel.
Day 41. Drive or fly back to Kathmandu and overnight in hotel.
Day 42. De Briefing and rest and overnight in hotel.
Day 43. Flight back to home.

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    FAQ About Dhaulagiri Expedition

    Dhaulagiri is located in the Myagdi district of Nepal. The expedition starts from Darbang.

    The time it takes to climb Dhaulagiri varies, but the average expedition lasts around a month. Our expedition from Friendship Treks with the help of our professionals to guide you will take 34 days to complete the trip.

    Dhaulagiri is approximately 26,795 feet (8,167 meters) tall. It is also the 7th highest peak in the world.

    The cost to climb Mount Dhaulagiri varies from agency to agency, but the average expedition costs around $8,000-$12,500 for a month of expedition. Our Friendship Treks and Expedition provides this amazing expedition package for USD 6,000 per person. Reach out to us to grab this package.

    Climbing Dhaulagiri can be quite difficult and challenging, with unpredictable weather, high altitudes, and technical challenges. But with our professional guides by your side to keep you safe, you will have the most thrilling experience of your life.

    There are 4 total camps between the Base Camp and the Summit for the Dhaulagiri Expedition. Advanced Base Camp (5,300m), Camp I (5,900m), Camp II (6,400m), Camp III (7,200m), Camp IV (7,500m), Dhaulagiri Summit (8,167m)

    The best time to visit Dhaulagiri is during the pre-monsoon (spring) and post-monsoon (fall) seasons, generally in April-May and September-October. So, are you ready for this exciting journey? Book your expedition now!