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Kanchenjunga Expedition

Kanchenjunga standing at an elevation of 8,586m is crowned as the second-highest in Nepal and third-highest in the whole world. Nepal is fortunate to have these Himalayas between us. And we would like to welcome every single citizen from every corner of the world to explore these breathtaking Himalayas. Kanchenjunga is located on the border between Nepal and Sikkim with beautiful mountains visible from many places with a famous view from Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, India.

Kanchenjunga expedition is a giant mountain form, and many additional peaks rise from its narrow icy ridges. Climbing Mt. Kanchenjunga is quite technical and in need of experienced guidelines. And you don’t have to worry about those technicalities because we provide you with our best experienced and certified guides.

We start our expedition from beautiful Illam towards Taplejung. It takes us 12 days to reach Pangpama basecamp or Oktang Base camp crossing different beautiful villages and forests. Climbing Mt. Kanchenjunga from base camp to summit and back, takes almost 30 days. So, you need to be physically fit as well as mentally prepared. The rest of the technical factors will be fully covered by our expedition company. We assure you will get your beautiful voyages with a story to tell.

Day 01. Arrival to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel (1310m)

Day 02. After breakfast, preparation for expedition and briefing for expedition and overnight in hotel.

Day 03. Flight to Badhrapur and drive to Ilam and overnight in guest house(900m)

Day 04. Drive to Taplejung  and overnight in guest house(1300m)

Day 05. Trek to Chiruwa and overnight in guest house (1500m)

Day 06. Trek to Sekathum and overnight in guest house (1900m)

Day 07. Trek to Amjilasa and overnight in guest house (2400m)

Day 08. Trek to Gyapla and overnight in guest house (2800m)

Day 09. Trek to Gunsa and overnight in guest house(3560m)

Day 10. Trek Khambachen and overnight in guest house (3870m)

Day 11. Trek to Lonak and overnight in guest house (4380m)

Day 12. Trek to Pangpama basecamp (4800m)

Day 13 To Day 43 Climbing Period from basecamp to Summit 8586m and basecamp.

Day 44. Cleaning up basecamp.

Day 45. Trek down to Khambachen and overnight in guest house.

Day 46. Trek down to Gyabla.

Day 47. Trek down to Chiruwa

Day 48. Trek to Taplejung and drive back to Ilam.

Day 49. Drive to Badhrapur and fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 50. Debriefing and rest.

Day 51. Flight Back To Home.

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    FAQ About Kanchenjunga Expedition

    Kanchenjunga is located on the border between Nepal and Sikkim. The expedition starts from Illam towards Taplejung.

    The time it takes to climb Kanchenjunga varies, but the average expedition lasts about 2 months. Our expedition from Friendship Treks with the help of our professionals to guide you will take 51 days to complete the trip.

    Kanchenjunga is approximately 26,167 feet (8,586 meters) tall. It is also the 3rd highest peak in the world and 2nd highest peak in Nepal.

    Climbing Kanchenjunga can be quite difficult and challenging, with unpredictable weather, high altitudes, and technical challenges. But with our professional guides by your side to keep you safe, you will have the most thrilling experience of your life.

    The cost to climb Mount Kanchenjunga varies from agency to agency, but the average expedition costs around $8,000-$12,500 for a month of expedition. Our Friendship Treks and Expedition provides this amazing expedition package for USD 7,000 per person. Reach out to us to grab this package.

    There are 4 total camps between the Base Camp and the Summit for the Kanchenjunga Expedition. Advanced Base Camp (5,400m), Camp I (6,200m), Camp II (6,400m), Camp III (7,100m), Camp IV (7,550m), Kanchenjunga Summit (8,586m)

    The best time to visit Kanchenjunga is during the pre-monsoon (spring) and post-monsoon (fall) seasons, generally in April-May and September-October. So, are you ready for this exciting journey? Book your expedition now!